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Being prepared for a crisis and having a response framework is only the start when it comes to achieving successful outcomes.

Crisis situations are dynamic by there very nature and often complex operational challenges and competing stakeholder issues will quickly emerge and need careful management before they spiral out of control. This is where Red Orchid comes in.

Decades of knowledge, experience and our analytical decision-making capacity can establish the right platform for a successful crisis response.

Empowered to operate discretely on your behalf or as part of a collaborative team, our team work to mitigate brand and balance sheet exposure and overcome the operational challenges that can arise from crisis situations, until conditions get back to normal.

Our services include helping clients with :

• Strategic leadership
• Stakeholder engagement
• Crisis communications
• Causation investigations

• Commercial dispute resolution
• Event reviews
• Insurer advocacy
• Tactical support

We’re about:

Looking after you and your interests, in the most difficult and often stressful situations, when it can all feel a bit too much.

What clients say

“James has a rare authenticity, given his demonstrable experience of leading crisis management teams. His strategic intent, situational awareness and capacity to take responsibility in dynamic, extremely challenging, situations are qualities I would highly recommend.”

Simon Bellfield
Director of Regulatory Compliance and Investigations at DWF

Be Prepared…for a straightforward, no nonsense approach to business consulting.  Simply put, Red Orchid helps clients achieve what they want and protect what they have…it really is no more complicated than that.

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