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If you engage with Red Orchid, your journey could follow this path. No one journey is the same, but it will give you an idea of what you can expect…


We offer an initial telephone conversation with our founder James Howard to understand the key drivers for engaging with Red Orchid and the timeframe in which you will need our help.

From this discussion, we can understand the why and the when? If we can help, we come to you.


It’s important for us to meet early on with the people we will be collaborating with. During the evaluation process, we engage, observe and review where you are at, determining your ‘pain points’ and what we can help you with The what?

We will provide a summary of our findings, outline recommendations and suggest key priorities that will have the biggest impact.


Once we have an outline action plan, we will develop a more detailed scope with you, which will include: 

  • critical success factors defined by you
  • an implementation plan
  • resources required
  • costs of implementation

This is the how and how much?

Leadership & Response

Red Orchid can take charge of a crisis for you, providing leadership or supporting your designated response teams with critical oversight.

The choice, based upon how prepared you are and your capacity to deal with a crisis whilst trying to run your business as usual activities, is yours.

The cost of all, or part of, our fees can sometimes be covered by your Insurers. We can review your insurance arrangements and contact your insurance advisors on your behalf, in order to clarify the extent of any coverage prior to our engagement.

We Understand:

why you want our help and what you want to achieve before we agree how we can move forward together.

What others say

“James was always professional, a fabulous listener and great at sifting through to find the real issues, summarising them clearly and working with us to find a solution. He was particularly skilled at mediating and facilitating meetings where people had differing views, helping us to see a path through. However, what was most impressive was James’s ability to motivate and encourage us, when we were at our lowest points, facing difficult decisions.

Claire Harvey
Co-Owner at Pierre Victoire


Be Prepared…for a straightforward, no nonsense approach to business consulting.  Simply put, Red Orchid helps clients achieve what they want and protect what they have…it really is no more complicated than that.

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