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Red Orchid provides motivational speaking packages that provide unique insights into the impact of a sudden and unintended critical event.

These have been used as keynote addresses for business events, networking talks and online webinars.

The informative and personal presentations are led by Red Orchid Founder and Director James Howard, who has more than 30 years’ experience in regulated environments, working for global multinational and privately-owned organisations.

Fatal Accident – Management Response
James shares his experience of leading a major incident team, responding to a workplace accident that tragically claimed the lives of four colleagues in 2016.

A critical insight, from an organisational perspective, into the complex challenges and often competing stakeholder issues that the audience should consider when developing and reviewing their own critical event/crisis incident response frameworks.

Fatal Accident – Human Impacts
James discusses the profound and tragic human impact of a fatal accident on the health and wellbeing of witnesses, survivors, incident response team members. He demonstrates how no one in an organisation, however remote from such a serious life changing incident, is immune from the consequential ‘ripple effect’.

An incredibly powerful account, that channels real raw emotions into supporting other organisations wanting to use real life experience to influence positive changes to health, safety, and wellbeing culture.

Fatal Accident – Organisational Impacts

This talk examines the medium to long-term impact on a business’ ability to recover from a fatal accident, exploring the measures it needs to take to restore profitability given the impact on brand integrity and direct cost an incident like this can have.

James discusses examples of how he has turned around organisational decline, restoring stakeholder confidence and, importantly, the physical and emotional impact on his health and relationships.

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Using real life experience and critical learning to help you influence positive outcomes.

What others say

“I’ll never forget hearing James speak at the World Demolition Summit, sharing his fatal accident experiences. Honesty and integrity of the
highest degree.”

Adrian Mclean
Operations Director at Armac Group

Be Prepared…for a straightforward, no nonsense approach to business consulting.  Simply put, Red Orchid helps clients achieve what they want and protect what they have…it really is no more complicated than that.

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