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There’s no jargon, just clear guidance and practical hands-on support to help you overcome pain points.

We use the simple analogy that business health is very similar to our own health. A crisis is similar to a business having an unexpected heart attack and the extent of the impact is determined by the severity, the speed of response, the experience of the critical care providers and the rehabilitation support you need to get back to normal.

This is where Red Orchid comes in…

Be Prepared to Plan Like heart attacks we can help you implement some ‘business lifestyle changes’ to minimise the risk of it happening

Be Prepared to Pivot – We offer an ‘acute care’ service, but also prepare your teams to be ‘first responders’ and longer-term rehabilitators so you can move forward with confidence

Be Prepared to Perform – Working with the management team, Red Orchid will explore ways where we can move forward, including restructuring areas of the business and implementation of new best practice systems

Be Prepared to Progress – As your consultant, we will coordinate with our specialists to understand the complex health needs of your business and bring in the necessary support to help you target sustainable success

Every journey is individual and the bespoke and collaborative support we provide reflects that.

We Offer:

Simple, effective, practical advice throughout your business lifecycle.

What we say

“A Red Orchid represents courage, passion and strength, qualities that represent the behaviours of our people and our associates.”

James Howard,

Be Prepared…for a straightforward, no nonsense approach to business consulting.  Simply put, Red Orchid helps clients achieve what they want and protect what they have…it really is no more complicated than that.

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