Our boutique consultancy launched this week.

Founder –  James Howard said:

“We help people make the right business decisions during difficult times. This helps to protect brand integrity and reduce balance sheet risk. With our support clients’ save time, money and  reduce stress.

Launching with four clients’ on day one is really positive and we value the trust and confidence placed in us.

But, there is an urgent need to help more companies recover from the coronavirus impact.

This is why we are actively expanding our network of collaborators. This will enable us to scale sustainably, but also at pace, and support business to deal with this crisis and build resilience to deal effectively with future shocks.

In crisis situations business leaders aren’t always in control of the influences, or the decisions, that impact their business. The ability to adapt and respond effectively to a rapidly changing environment, is critical. That’s where we help. With insight and experience.”

Red Orchid has the capacity to work with SME and multi-national companies.

We can help your business to plan, pivot, perform and progress throughout its’ life-cycle.


Be Prepared…for a straightforward, no nonsense approach to business consulting.  Simply put, Red Orchid helps clients achieve what they want and protect what they have…it really is no more complicated than that.

The Orange Tree
Bellfields Farm
Watling Street
ST19 9QY

07485 258 335